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The Women Who Inspire Me

I wanted to do something to mark International Women's Day this year. I love how it’s all about sharing the love, so I'm giving a shout out to these incredible women - some I know personally, some not, all inspire me!

Amazing Business Women

Anna Whitehouse: Known as @mother_pukka on Instagram, Anna is so brilliant for everything she does to champion flexible working. I had no choice but to leave my job after I had my daughter as a more flexible way of working wasn’t possible there, so this is an issue that’s very close to my heart and I’m 100% behind everything Anna does.

Holly Tucker: The founder of Not on the High Street (you may have heard of it…?), so not only is Holly aspirational in business terms but I listen to her podcast, Conversations of Inspiration, and whenever I hear her speak, I feel inspired to do better and fully believe in my business!

Annie Ridout: I was given a copy of Annie’s book, The Freelance Mum and loved all the tips and advice she gave, reading it made me think, ‘yeah, I can do my business’, which was such a great feeling. I have just joined her group, The Robora, which is all about women supporting women and a very exciting new challenge for me.

Gemma Whates: The founder of the fantastic platform, All by Mama - a place for parents to run a business, while still being flexible for their families. I sell my products on there and it’s all such a lovely experience. She is so supportive and helpful and the meet-ups are something I always look forward to.

Family & Friends Forever

My Mum: I was brought up to be a strong woman, fight for what I want and go and get it. I’m so grateful that she believed I could do anything. As she says, ‘What's the worst that could happen… go for it!’ Love her lots.

My Mother-in-Law: What a woman. A strong, take no nonsense kind of woman. She was a best friend, a mother-in-law and an amazing Nonna. She was one of my biggest supporters to start my business, always telling me to, ‘just do it.’ She really believed in me as a woman and a mummy and made sure I knew that often. She is very missed.

My Girls: I have a group of friends I've known since school. They are all strong women and amazing mums. We have a lot of history - and a lot of ups and downs - but it really is so important to have those girls that just get you, know you and support you. I couldn't not do a shout out to them!

Everything I do is for this one

My Daughter: I’m rounding off this list with someone very special, the little lady in my life. She’s 3 and turning into a mini me! I see so much of me in her but she’s very much her own strong minded character - she knows what she wants, what she likes and has the biggest, kindest heart already - she inspires me every day, and I hope I inspire her too.

Happy International Women’s Day to all the amazing women in my life, let’s continue to big each other up on this, and every day!

Sam x

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