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Say Hello with 5-Pack Lockdown Cards

I don’t know about you, but lockdown has made me realise the importance of communicating with people while we stay at home. Sometimes that’s just dropping a quick Whatsapp message, having a good chat on the phone or catching up on Zoom with drinks, but my favourite thing to do is send a card with a personal message.

Send kind thoughts

I just think there’s something extra special about taking the time to write a message to someone and let them know you’re thinking of them. I’ve been sending hand-written cards, notes and letters all through lockdown, often including drawings and art pieces my daughter has done. I love getting cards though the post too; it’s always exciting when an unexpected envelope pops through my letterbox, it really lifts my spirits.

My 5-pack card bundles

Recently I’ve been thinking of ways to make things easier for you in lockdown and realised that when I sit down to write a card, I often want to send them to a few people. So, I’ve created my brand new 5-pack card bundles.

There are 3 themed sets, each with 5 cards included. You can have a mix of all 5 per set, or 5 cards with the same design (just let me know from the dropdown when you’re ordering).

Choose from:

The Lockdown Set

Pictured above, it features 5 cards, each with a unique brush lettering message:

  • Stay Home

  • Sending Hugs

  • LOVE

  • You are So Brave

  • Keep Going

The Rainbow Set

Inspired by the message of hope that has sprung up during the pandemic, this rainbow set has a mix of designs and quotes:

  • Monochrome Rainbow: "Everything will be better soon"

  • Red, White & Blue Rainbow: “We’ll meet again”

  • Colourful Rainbow: "Thinking of you"

  • Colourful Rainbow: "Missing you"

  • Colourful Rainbow: "When it rains, look for the rainbows and when its dark look for the stars"

The Floral Initial Set

Just let me know what letter you would like on each of the 5 cards and you'll have a set of beautiful, personalised cards to send to your friends and family.

Also, I wanted to let you know that if you don’t want to (or can’t) make a trip to the post office or post box, I’m happy to send any of my cards directly to your recipient with a handwritten inside message. I’ll also write their name in brush lettering on the envelope to (hopefully!) put a smile on their face.

Hope I can help you spread a little love and kind thoughts in this crazy time!

Sam x

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