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My New Name: Lubelu London

Updated: Mar 7, 2020

2020 is already turning out to be my year of action and I couldn’t be happier about it! Not only have I launched The Brush Lettering Club, an online hub and IRL workshops for all things brush lettering, but I have decided to rebrand my business to a new name that means so much to me. Meet Lubelu London:

How my hobby became my business...

When I started designing my own products it was as a side-hustle while I was working a full-time design job. I called my business Sammykins as a fun play on my name. As it was more of a hobby then, it worked. But things changed when I had to resign from my full-time job because I couldn’t get the flexibility around my childcare. It made me rethink everything and Sammykins didn’t reflect what I was trying to do with my business anymore, so I thought: Why not use my name and keep everything simple? After all, it’s me, Sam Palmer, who hosts and teaches the brush lettering workshops and then my products are, again, all me designing and making them! So I became Sam Palmer Designs.

...how my business became Lubelu London

I’ve worked with lots of brands and know that you need a clear understanding of your brand and - importantly - the name needs to sit right with you for it to work. Sam Palmer Designs now seemed too broad for everything I was doing and I felt I needed to bring in some separation.

So, I’m still Sam Palmer Designs for all freelance design work, then my brush lettering workshops blew me away with how popular they became and the community around it so, as I mentioned, I’ve started a club with its own little identity: @thebrushletteringclub and finally, my product business has grown and grown; I offer a wide range of products around lots of occasions (the things you see on this site) so I really felt this needed a name of its own.

To be honest, the idea of thinking of a brand name initially overwhelmed me as, in 2019, I sadly had a lot of personal grief and this, combined with having to leave my job, meant I needed to take a time out. This was when I did a lot of thinking, planning and wrote multiple lists! I did panic that not having a brand name I loved was holding me up but then I just thought: You know what, it’ll come.

And it did.

My mother-in-law was so special to me and one of my biggest supporters. When I went back to work after my maternity leave, she looked after my daughter. As a lot of mothers and parents know, leaving your child after all that time is so hard, I definitely felt guilty and missed my daughter like crazy, but my mother-in-law made it so lovely. She sent me updates through the day of little stories, photos and videos, which was so comforting. She got my daughter a rag doll and it became their thing to put the rag doll in all my messages so I could see what my daughter and her doll got up to. Very sadly I lost my mother-in-law last year and it’s hit our little family hard.

One day, I was thinking about my brand name and the doll’s name popped into my head. I just thought: This is it. My brand name holds such a special place in my heart, please let me introduce you to Lubelu.

Sam x

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