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#MarchMeetTheMaker Challenge: Accepted!

Updated: Mar 7, 2020

Yep, this March I’m doing something pretty special over on my Instagram feeds for both Lubelu and The Brush Lettering Club - the March Meet the Maker small business challenge.

What is the challenge?

Well... It was set up by Joanne Hawker (a fellow illustrator, designer and small biz owner) to give people the opportunity to talk about things they might not normally think to, get creative with their Insta posts and reveal more about the real life person and inspiration behind the brand.

I’ll be posting every day about the prompts you can see above, so from sharing a closer look at my branding to the things I love to make and just generally discovering a little more about Lubelu and The Brush Lettering Club, March will be the month you find out more!

It’s all about community

Admittedly, the idea of putting myself out there so much on my Insta channels was a little nerve wracking, but what I love about this challenge is that by clicking on the hashtag, you’re suddenly introduced to so many other makers and can see that they’re doing it too, which is so reassuring and inspiring.

I have found such great new brands through browsing all the other posts, it’s been lovely (virtually!) meeting other small business owners and knowing we’re all there to support each other.

If you fancy taking part too, you can join at any point (you don’t have to post every day!) and find out more here - let me know your insta handle and I'll give you a follow - the more the merrier!

To find out more about the Lubelu and The Brush Lettering Club story, you can read more about their launch stories in my previous blogs and then be sure to follow me through March for lots more behind-the-scenes peeks into my brands. Exciting - I’m looking forward to cracking on with the challenge!

Sam x

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