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Introducing The Brush Lettering Club

Updated: Mar 7, 2020

I have something very exciting to kick off 2020 with… your official invitation to join The Brush Lettering Club! This is something I feel really passionate about and hope you’re going to love too. Let me explain...

At the end of 2019 - like a lot of people - I had a look to see what my Top 9 most liked Instagram posts were and they turned out to be:

This was a lightbulb moment! You see, my Top 9 is dominated by pictures from my Brush Lettering workshops. These are classes I started running last year in cool little venues across London. Over tea and super-delicious cake, I teach people this modern calligraphy skill, give them somewhere to have a little time to themselves, chat with like-minded people and relax with a new hobby.

I’m so happy that there has been a buzz building about my classes with more and more people asking me about them and this, combined with my Instagram Top 9, got me thinking that I’d like to naturally evolve my brush lettering workshops into something more. So, alongside my workshops, I’m going to be sharing my skills and knowledge with you here and creating a digital hub for all things brush lettering, complete with its very own Instagram page @thebrushletteringclub!

If you’ve ever said to yourself, ‘I’d be really interested in that but where do I start?’ Then you’re in the right place! I’ll give you everything you need to become a brush lettering whizz and be here to answer any questions you have or ideas you’d like to bounce around.

I’m finalising my first 2020 workshop dates right now, so follow me over on my new Instagram and I’ll put the class dates and locations up on there as soon as they’re ready. Keep your eyes peeled for the first instalment of The Brush Lettering Club, coming soon…

Sam x

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