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3 Easy Brush Lettering Tips

If you're a brush lettering beginner, or have been practicing with a pen and would like to sharpen your skills, here are 3 easy brush lettering tips to help with your writing:

1. Warm Up

This is the simplest and most effective thing you can do to improve your brush lettering technique - but is often forgotten: warm up! All lettering artists warm up with their brush pens before starting to write. This is made up of lots of mark making with the brush pen. It starts with rows of downward strokes and upward strokes, applying and releasing the pressure to create thick and thin lines.

By doing initial brush lettering warm ups, you are waking up built in muscle memory from all the previous writing you've been doing. If you've just started then definitely get into the habit of warm ups.

3 easy brush lettering tips lubelu London

2. Angle Your Pen

It's really important to hold the brush pen at approximately a 45-degree angle to the paper. Holding it too upright will make it more difficult to get thick strokes. It can also damage your brush pens - you don't want to apply pressure to the tip.

3 easy brush lettering tips lubelu London

3. Use Smooth Paper

To make sure you are able to move the pen easily and apply and release pressure when you need to, you have to practise your brush lettering on the right kind of paper. The best type for your brush pens is smooth, bleed proof (non-absorbent) paper. By using bleed proof paper your ink will last longer and it will also prevent your brush tips from fraying.

I use regular, good quality printer paper to practice and warm up, but I have used and would recommend this paper:

Canson XL Series Paper Pad, Semi Translucent for Pen

Rhodia Head Stapled Pad, No19 A4+, Dot - Black

Practice, Practice, Practice...

I'm afraid there's no special tip or tool that will instantly give you amazing lettering results – it all comes down to daily practice, building muscle memory and most importantly enjoying it!

Implementing my 3 easy brush lettering tips will help you learn and improve your writing. If you want to put these tips into practice, why not sign up to my online brush lettering course?

3 easy brush lettering tip lubelu London

Sam x

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